Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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HE ASKED!!!!!!

Well, it's official! Rob and Emmy will tie the knot Saturday, June 28th 2008 at 1030 am in the Provo temple! We will be having a dessert party the evening before at The Baird Home in Provo and a housewarming in July in Tulsa. Of course you are all invited to the party nearest you!
We have been dating "a year plus months" as Rob likes to call it - which is actually a little over two. We met as Rob was attending dental school and Emmy was beginning medical school at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We have made such beautiful friends there and count ourselves lucky to have fallen in love in the midst of such kindness. We have now had callings together as co-chairs of FHE for longer than Rob was a missionary - and have had some super fun experiences in callings we both originally thought we would dread. And though we tease the Bishop about our tenure, it has truly been wonderful.

Originally, our friend Tosha slyly programmed Emmy's number into Rob's cell phone in the midst of some of our first conversations. Knowing he had her number, Emmy was a little miffed that he never called or capitalized on his claims to know the "best tacos in town" (which they are, by the way.) So, she attributed it to lack of interest. But little did she know, the three bachelors in the back row of the church had already divied up the new girls of interest, and his conquest had secretly begun. Sweet Tosha had acidentally programmed in the wrong number- and so, after a few calls to someone who had no interest in tacos and a few notes on someone else's red Honda CRV who had no desires for an outing with a perfect stranger, the correct number was exchanged and the rest - in a way - is history. Or perhaps, as they say, the beginning.

Emmy has said of Rob, "The minute he unfurled the wings of his laughter, I knew we would never be the same."

And Rob has said of Emmy, "It only took two years plus months to break her will."

So, we decided to travel the world together: first, the Mediterranean for falafels, then Mexico for tacos, a jaunt to Greece for gyros, and India for chicken korma. Students’ budgets are rather shoestring, so our Mediterranean market is a little closer. Mexico is the taco place on 29th street. Greece is on May and India is next to our grocery store. But love is the grand adventure. Shared laughter over bits of dinner, small acts of kindness, dark movies, long walks in thunderstorms… escapades for a lifetime. And we are thrilled that our lifetimes - will now be spent in each other's company.

Thank you for checking in on us. And please find your way to our door - be it for ice cream, conversation, or a moment for us to share with you our admiration and love for the wonderful people like you in our lives. We are truly blessed.


Sher said...

Yay!!!! I'm SO excited for you!! And, I must say, those are beautiful engagement shots. :) Good luck on your test - and call me when we can talk plans!!! 435-843-1183. Love you, cute Emmy!!

Diana said...

I'm so glad I continued to check your blog despite irregular postings.

Congratulations to you both! I am so happy for you two and am lucky that I can count you both as good friends.

Calli said...

Hip Hip Hooray! So glad you will be in Provo. Everyone will be so excited to see you and meet Rob!

Ashby Family said...

I'm so excited for you Emmy. I love your story & think you guys look like a great pair!
An old "JCer"- Emily (Smith)

Nick, Chris, Livvy & Calli said...

Congratulations Emmy! What wonderful news. It is so good to know my old roomy is doing well. I am really happy for you. Give me a jingle some time. wcw2x4@yahoo.com

Love ya, Chris (waller) coleman

Paige said...

That was beautiful.. sniff sniff.

I think you might be going into the wrong profession with prose like that pouring out of your fingers.